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Mold Testing.

Mold Testing by MVP Home Inspections Inc.

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Have you been feeling sick? Does your property have water damage? Are you experiencing strange odors? These are a few of the reasons why you should test for Mold.

The well-being of your family is crucial. The potential dangers caused by the effects of mold are not worth the long term health risks, stress and expenses.

A mold test gives you a snapshot of the amount of mold particles in a certain area at the time of inspection. The amount of mold spores will fluctuate over time and from place to place. Therefore, it is vital to test several different locations in your home. This way, you will get a complete and accurate picture of the potential mold problem within your property.

It is recommended to perform mold tests using certified mold professionals. At MVP Home Inspections Inc., we hire professional mold inspectors who are experienced at collecting mold samples. This will lead to the most accurate laboratory results and we will test with no financial interest in the cleanup or remediation providing the best service without a conflict of interest.

We will test the air quality inside your property and take an outside control sample. This will determine if elevated conditions exist. Additional samples may be helpful to confirm the source of a problem and/or determine exactly how bad the problem has manifested. These supplementary samples are available at an extra cost and the inspector will explain why they may be beneficial. It is up to you to decide what you want collected and analyzed based on what is needed in your situation.

Surface samples, tape-lifts, swab and air samples may be collected under normal conditions based on the home and situation at hand. We may also recommend inner-wall sampling, which collects air from behind drywall-based walls.

We establish a sampling plan based on what we identify during our inspection, taking into consideration your budget.

Our clients will receive detailed laboratory results via e-mail of all tests taken. If laboratory results indicate that high levels of mold are present, calling a licensed mold remediation company for immediate service will be recommended.

More information about mold and the health hazards, can be found online at: epa.gov/mold

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