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Seasonal Maintenance Tips

The last thing we need is to have car issues, that's why we do routine maintenance on vehicles. Taking care of your home, works the same way. Seasonal maintenance can help keep your mechanical items lasting longer and more efficient. Plus as we are keeping an eye on the different parts of the home, we are more effectively able to detect and repair deficiencies before major damage occurs. Issues like wood rot, deterioration, water leaks, gas leaks, missing shingles and more start out small and without proper and quick repair, it can lead to major problems. If you already own the home, a yearly inspection is a great idea to help identify the issues and repair then before it becomes costly. Also home inspections are possible during a purchase and real estate transaction. The home inspector will walk the property with trained and experienced eyes visually inspecting the property for maintenance items, major deficiencies and safety/fire hazards. The findings will be organized in an easy to read pdf with pictures which can be used to possibly negotiate the purchase price, have items repaired or as a check list for the buyer to use after purchase. The home inspection is just one of the great tools available to you as a home owner.

Below are some seasonal maintenance tips from HomeLight.com that will help keep you up to date on your maintenance schedule. MVP Home Inspections Inc, 708-830-8700.

Your Quick and Handy Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

We asked top agents what sellers should do to prepare their house for resale and studied market research to conclude what projects will provide the highest return on investment if you’re planning to sell your home this summer or fall.

Consistently, the top real estate agents recommended the following 15 simple home maintenance tasks:


Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to Brace the House for a New Season

Fall is here, which means the kids are back in school, Halloween and Thanksgiving are on the horizon—and if you’re planning to put your home on the market before the end of the year, you only have a few months left.

The good news?

Fall’s moderate weather is the ideal time to tackle those home-maintenance projects that got away from you in the spring.


The Complete 35-Point Checklist To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

There’s something wonderful about winter. Imagine curling up in front of the fireplace of your new home with some hot chocolate and a good book. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Only if you’ve already ticked off all the items on your home winterizing checklist … those cozy, cold-weather vibes only go so far.


Your Spring Maintenance Checklist to Get the House Ready for Peak Home-Selling Season

As the snow disappears and weather warms up in the colder regions of America, the thaw of spring marks the best time to sell a house in many markets.


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